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Fidget Cube the excitement of the place immediately dancing. However, the task of looking for the fire spirit of holy fruit, wrapped in your body, and that time you have to act hard Lin Yi cautioned. 1482, master of the school flower close the body 1482 chapters of the mysterious order later updated Chapter 1483 was the face 1483, the school master of the body close to the face Jiji Tian Lei pig nodded agreed. Then come on, little things Lin Yi picked up the Tianlei pigs, jade space again into the middle. You can feel, Tenryi pig has no cultivation of the Heart, the body s energy is accumulated by the days of material to treasure, and Lin Yi s omnipotent energy is very similar, and Lin Yi s energy into the tenrai pig After the body, can be very good and the energy before the fusion together It appears that they reveal the body s infuriating, and their energy is a nature, no fidget cube wonder the mighty generals can upgrade, and the so called treatment they reveal animals and other animals should also be similar, but they reveal the Department of the treatment of innate There is a universal energy conversion can be passed to someone else s ability, and the fidget cube relieves stress and anxiety for children and adults mighty generals just to know this ability, the old rain as the treatment department as they reveal While the other they reveal their long time out of their people did not find, they may not eat Zhidouzou There is nothing to wait for Not vain before the village shop, in the end you want to do Rain old some doubt from the purpose of Lin Yi. Lin Yi looked at him, too lazy to explain. Lin Yu said before the rain that the risk of danger, the results go all the fidget cube coral way did not see any danger for the words of Lin Yi is not so convinced that the , That he is alarmist, or deliberately pretend to let everyone too dependent on him. Well, it went on The old black and James as a glance, they are from each other s eyes to see the greedy God s Greedy y is infinite, especially in the Lin Yi openings to go into the interests of five percent after two people s hearts inside a little want to exclude Lin Yi, and now it is a good opportunity Lin Yi before suspicious, and said there are dangerous there are dangerous, the results along the way or without any danger, in addition to a few bones, there is no unusual place, so let them have lax. I wish you good luck. Lin Yi smiled, did not say anything. Yu Xiaoke still stayed, she felt that Lin Yi can not harm her, but the old black is not good to say, Yu Xiaokan a little regret receiving the task, the old black ruthless, did not take her as an equal member , But a.

o left the fire wolf gang Their development forces These things, An Jianwen himself is not clear, but he only knows that once Dr. Yin can create a long time to maintain the mysterious order of the drug, he can start with the family only regret that the drug can not give himself to take, Otherwise, he fidget cube features can taste when the taste of the master The third link, that is, the discussion between the junior, and we rain home for the study of the winners, but also prepared a number of immortality, is from the hidden home of the rain poly poly Dan, want to come we all heard Over the immortality, and is to enhance the strength of the share rain star said Wow I heard that the prize is a small gathering gas Dan, everyone is exposed to the envy and greed expression, but we all know that the junior, Yu Feng Yufeng home the highest strength, others simply can not compete with it So, this prize is not so much out as prizes, as it is out of the rain show off the rain, because the contest learn, in any case is certainly win the rain maple, this immortality or their own So everyone in surprise after envy, the mood is calm down, do not belong to them, they do not need to think too much, the hands of the rain home things, where is so good to get Since we have no doubt, then now began the after the back out. Zhao hair and Sun Star is as a glance, two people are brewing and how to continue to open Lin Yi. However, before the two continue to open it, Lin Yi on the first opening This crab can be really big ah, is simply a giant, it is said that what is the king crab, you eat it hot, what is it , After dinner to say Finished, and regardless of Zhao hair and Sun star, pick up the crab directly to chew up Zhao hair and Sun Xiaoxing burst of silent, and Wu 69 do not know the situation, but also not at liberty to open, only in the side waiting. Hey, you first give me the crab down, listen to me finished Zhao hair look at Lin Yi eating crabs, and some depressed, Lengheng heard, shouted to him. Oh, you say, I eat and listen. Lin Yi did not put down the meaning. Tell the truth, I fancy Tang Yun, and give me, even if this thing, otherwise, hum Zhao hair threatened, fidget cube said, but this threat from his mouth to say it, he did not feel too Great deterrent force Previously, Zhao hair each time to frighten others, others are all scared shudder, sitting there motionless, but now, the face of the object is eat eat Lin Yi, how are some funny Yi should be a cry, continue to eat crabs. I speak to you, do you not hear Zhao made angry Do not think you do not think.Yi up, the results of people not only did not destroy Lin Yi, seems to have broken through, and those who come to trouble people crazy meal stepped on, said altar, but also a little truth Zhao Qibing Zhao Qi altar did not refute, because he is also a personal experience, the last almost believe Lin Yat lost the power to go to trouble The results, not to go, Lin Yi to come to kill, so Zhao Qibing this is fidget cube rather believe it has no credible That being the case, I first make a phone call to ask the rain home, if there is such a thing, then we really can not act rashly Pitt old Yinan Lian said odd altar, such a big thing, how do you not early Say Ice Palace in the trial after the end of the trial, specifically asked, the trial process is to be confidential, can not be fidget cube online india free to mention If this time, I think you will be plain to die, I can risk the risk of that Zhao Qi Tan bitterly said So, Pitt old you ask the rain house is no problem, as someone else, do not ask, if buy fidget cube things spread, the ice Gongzhu blame down, it is not good Do it Pibao Zhao Qitan heard the explanation, his face a lot of ease, said The less the owner, you are the son of rain home, or you give fidget cube the rain home a phone call to ask about this thing Zhao Guangyin nodded, should be down, Zhao Qibing since returned.

Fidget Cube you Haha, then come, to see who can kill who Scarf bear a wave, indicating the hands of his brothers to prepare. Lin Yi husband, general TV play to here, the master on the appearance, and installed to force the moment, you do not appear Feng Xiao Xiao exclaimed. Oh Lin Yi smile a bit, and some silent What a master appearance However, Lin Yi really can not be ignored, and today seems to really time If the late step, which should be a child was hacked to death Or to be round It now appears that this should be like a child should not be a mess, or else not so staunch, but added to Lin Yi s heart feel better. Lin Yi went over and saw a scar bear a, and then pointed to the child should be said I find her a thing Lin Yi said I do not know what to do. Ga Scar Bear bear shocked Scar bear s men stunned Even the child should be sub fish and should be under the hands of men stunned They did not expect that this halfway will blaze a Cheng Yaojin, this is a foolish child Actually say so silly to Even the fish should feel that this person is not a brain problem Let the Scarlet Bear roll Haha ha ha ha Immediately, scarab bear and scarab bear s hands suddenly fidget cube mediumslateblue hilarious up They looked at Lin Yi, like watching Erleng child, I 6 sided fidget cube really do not know who fearless ah Scar Bear is very on the orphanage in life You a young girl long stay place, old Dean looked at some small crimson face, where I can not guess her mind Chapter 1679 Yu Xiaoke s Thoughts Part Two Old Dean is also young, but also had her love, so this time to encourage the natural Yu Xiao can go to the pursuit of their own happiness I Yu Xiao was the old president said that in the mind, suddenly some of the embarrassment of the odd no bomb qi Oh, is not that Lin Yi Old Dean smiles Recently, how did he not been to Is not he YuXiaoKe is shook his head, LinYi although also helped her several times, but she LinYi, but not the kind of male pirates heart feeling, and LinYi this person is Annoying, said fidget cube that people are three legged cat s effort, it is mad Oh Not him That is The old president of the words have not finished, the room which came in a hurry came Dean, Jones real estate development company Manager Li came, and said to find you to talk about things we relocated orphanage Small willing to come in, the old dean of the orphanage, said Oh, how they come again The old dean frowned, did not expect just corpuscles for a while, this Jones real estate development company people are looking for the door Ok, you first break, I and Ken To see Dean, I.

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